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Sitting in the restaurant itself, one is part of the hubbub of people constantly coming and going among us -- sometimes offering us milky chai; sometimes stopping to chat; often climbing between, over, and around us to get through the crowded venue. We cringe at the heated, shout-filled passions of two opposing views of how to run the community. Our evening begins at the end of the story, with the sound of bulldozers rocking the restaurant around us, with riot-geared police bursting in with their clubs and tear gas, and with the refugees including children, unaccompanied having just lost their court appeal to stop the French-led eviction.

When the action then flashes back to March — two months after the initial refugee arrivals — already the restaurant that Salar Ben Turner has built has become the hub where the residents meet to argue policies, form committees, and vote on everything from the name of their city-of-sorts to the response to make to the threatened evictions.

One of the other things the community gathers to decide by vote is whether to accept the aid of sudden-arriving Brits who have come on their own to help.

By late , there are hundreds of plastic-covered, plank-framed homes — many arranged in neighborhoods by native country — all part of the vision and ingenuity of an eighteen-year-old, passion-filled Brit, looking a bit like Harry Potter and named Sam Tommy Letts. Along with the bone-chilling, heart-stopping stories we hear from the refugees themselves, we also gain new insights about the drivers, the intents, and the hearts — all overall good — of the folks who step forward from their own homes to help those who no longer have a home.

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In fact, several members of the cast were once inhabitants of The Jungle, being refugees themselves who were among the lucky to reach the UK. John Pfumojena leaves an image never to be forgotten as Okot, the man who stands before us to tell his story of the Sahara truck escape and the ensuing tortures. Nahel Tzegai is Helene, a devout Christian among so many fellow followers of Islam, whose beautiful soul wins her many friends and new family. Khaled Zahabi is a big-smiling prankster and talented pickpocket named Narullah whose smile and eagerness to please wins over Salar the restaurant owner, who in turn makes the boy his Number Two and almost his son.

Norullah has an early big-time run-in with Mustafa Moses M. One of Mankiw's principles of economics is that people respond to incentives rationalizing toxicity with economics xd?!?!?

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Again, this is a complex issue. If you're playing to have the highest rank possible you should definitely just play. It definitely teaches you a valuable skill to power through it, learn to deal with bad circumstances, and then lose gracefully if it comes to it. And for example if the game is winnable, and your teammates are in an important series game or really want that win, then it would be even more toxic to throw the game. So you always have to take these factors into account, and weigh it against what the player is actually doing imo.

Sometimes people just don't know what they're doing wrong, and you actually have to really know what you're doing to be able to recognize that imo.

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It's also a very fine line to walk, and it's easy to go over it if you aren't careful. I definitely wouldn't recommend just lowkey afk farming jungle every game that your jungler comes to tax you. I just wanted to contribute the unpopular opinion that I don't think it's always a good thing to just let toxic players keep being toxic in their play. It's sort of like negotiating with terrorists imo. Might win short term, long term lose even more.

If anyone disagrees tell me why, especially since I'm not even saying you should always do it. Just saying it depends on what's happening. It's horrible no matter what lane.

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I get so annoyed when jungler shoves a wave when he literally has like 4 camps up As for what you do, just farm what you can, it's okay to let the tower drop, don't die defending it, just soak what xp you can and farm the wave that gets shoved to your next tower. These runes are but also in every Situation helpful. Glyphs: While you need in the jungle itself has no magic resistance, but as soon as you gank the Lanes, you will enjoy every bit of additional protection. Depending on how safe you feel, and especially depending on the enemy Team, you take runes, scaling or direct bonuses.

As a Melee Champion Aatrox is always in the middle of the battle and conceded by all sides of the beating. At the same time he can dish out huge damage, if he gets the opportunity. Both of these aspects can assist you make sense with Masteries, putting 21 points in the offensive or defensive tree or build a flexible hybrid. As is the case with your equipment, that is, depending on what role you want to assume in the Team. Offense: In any case, four points are here in "Fury" duty, as her On-Hit-effect of the attack speed benefits.

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If you invest full 21, follow, by and Large, the obvious AD-path, but the Crit bonuses of "Lethality" and "Frenzy" you can ignore. Instead, the points are worth it in "Butcher", in order to improve your initial clear time and reduce the damage that you have to plug it in. Defense: Extra armor, and reduced as well as the reflected damage from Monsters are a must, from Smite to silence Buff, but also a full point Build is worth it.

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Aatrox is extremely vulnerable to Stuns, according to Tenacious it is worth especially by the reduced cast time of CC effects. Utility: For the extended Buff duration, you need 9 points, you can deduct that much from the other trees. This can be worthwhile, especially due to the additional movement speed. However, direct bonuses to attack and defense are worthwhile at the beginning, usually more. In spite of his excellent life steals, Aatrox should not go without the Potions in the Jungle. Counter-jungled the enemy, it could mean otherwise, fast the From.

The following path is focused on Aatrox' offensive skills. But as Off-Tank and Support, he can Shine. For this, you then focus on Defensive items, Team-effects and auras, such as "Runic's Bulwark". Both will bring you additional Life steal, which compensates for the blood costs of your abilities to good use. That's why they build all the "Vampiric Scepter" or directly a "Bilgewater Cutlass". The opponent has a lot of CC, you need to schedule early "Mercury's Threads". Otherwise, Ninja Tabi worth the money "" for daring Kills under the enemy towers, or even "Berserker's Greaves", if you will feel very safe and more damage to knock out want to.

You can also build "Wriggle's Lantern", in order to shorten the time in the jungle more. At the same time, Spirit Visage is worth "" in order to benefit even more from each and every stolen life. For a third life your passive skills to take a "Guardian Angel".

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Accurate decisions in a situation are, of course, dependent.